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Brand Activation

  • 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after attending a live marketing event

Once you’ve mastered your traditional Marketing mix, it’s all about finding the extra element that can engage your target audience. Nowadays, we are so focused on our digital marketing strategies, our pay-per-click campaigns and our social media that many forget about the important principle: “people buy from people”.

Brand activation can help create loyal and passionate customers because you engage them emotionally – and it can have a big impact on your ROI. It can either be done through a stand-alone campaign or as part of a larger brand strategy

What is the good brand activation? We would like to make a bid on this – see here what we can help with among other things:

Social Events

  • 87% of employees say that they are less likely to leave the company when they are engaged and happy

Social events are often the first element to be taken out of the budget in an attempt to save money. However, whether you have an annual awards ceremony and dinner, a summer picnic, or a holiday party, it’s much more than just kicking back and letting your hair down. In fact, company events can help improve business culture, promote creativity, validate your employees, create and maintain a better and more focused team, and last but not least, give employees a good reason to stay for many years – because who doesn’t love a good party.

Just like you invest in marketing and recruitment, you must also invest in the company’s events to see many positive results – If you need help or ideas for your next event, then give us a call! Here’s what we can help with, among other things:

Corporate Events

  • 80% of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success

Have you considered how many parameters a Corporate event can affect your business on? – employees, customers, strategy, products, etc. If not, you know some of them now.

Whether the objective is to launch the newest product, establish partnerships, deliver a variety of news, communicate the strategy or something else, a Corporate event can be a good way of doing it.

If you are considering having a Corporate event, it is worth ensuring that it is something your colleagues, customers or partners will benefit from and remember for the right reasons – and we would love to help you succeed with these reasons! Here’s what we can help you with:

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